With less time available, consumers tend to buy convenience food that is fast to prepare but still healthy. Steaming in the microwave is one of the healthiest ways of cooking because the short cooking time preserves vitamins and minerals while optimally retaining flavour, colour and texture. Mondi SteamPack unites all these requirements and offers food producers the utmost flexibility.

Mondi SteamPack is a microwaveable packaging with a self-venting function and is suitable for frozen food and for chilled or ambient products in combination with hot melts. SteamPack can also be used for high barrier modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). In addition, the steam valve can be applied in a number of different packaging solutions, including pillow bags, stand-up pouches, lidding films or VFFS (Vertically orientated Form-Fill-Seal ) solutions.

For end-consumers SteamPack allows healthy and convenient cooking in the microwave. No puncturing or opening is needed, the preparation time is shorter, with flavour, texture, minerals and vitamins also preserved.


  • Plug and play system
  • Processable on standard filling machines, no additional investment required
  • Seal integrity thanks to flexible positioning
  • Flexible micro-perforated steam valve
  • Adaptable opening and cooking pressure
  • Optimal product protection
  • High-performance barrier materials
  • Hot melt for chilled/ambient food and MAP solutions
  • Additional easy opening and anti-fog features

Print options

Flexo printing

  • Fast-growing printing processes for flexible packaging
  • Print is made with a 3D relief in a rubber or polymer material
  • Maximum printable width is 1,300mm
  • Additional roto station for either nine colour jobs or to apply lacquers, e.g. cold seal or heat sealable lacquers or inks can also be applied on the reverse side of the film


SteamPack embraces an abundance of applications within the food industry, ranging from rice, pasta and ready meals to fish, soups, chips, popcorn and many more besides.

Our SteamPack packaging portfolio contains the following applications:

  • SteamPack Bags – Form-Fill-and-Seal, pillowbag- and standable concepts (side gusset and quattro seal)
  • SteamPack Pouch – Stand-up Pouches
  • SteamPack Lidding – Top web for trays


SteamPack Bag

  • PET / CPP & PET / PE (LLD-PE)
  • Frozen Food, Fresh & Chilled Food

SteamPack Pouch

  • PET / CPP & PET / PE
  • Frozen Food, Chilled Food

SteamPack Lidding

  • PET / CPP & PET / PE
  • Frozen Food