BarrierPack films for the food industry ensures outstanding aroma protection as well as longer shelf life for manufacturers' products. The deep drawing properties allows thermoforming films from Mondi Styria GmbH to perfectly take on the shape of the product. Their gloss and transparency also make for attractive packaging. Our Styria Therm (top web) and Styria Form (bottom web) films have a wide range of applications for both food and non-food products.
We produce BarrierPack films with up to 14 layers, depending on use and specifications. To achieve the best possible barrier performance, our films are made of polyamide (PA) and EVOH. Special raw materials, such as metallocenes or ionomers, ensure optimum seal integrity, outstanding puncture resistance and hot tack, as well as exceptional appearance.


  • Excellent aroma, odour and gas barrier
  • High residual wall thickness thanks to uniform gauge distribution
  • Outstanding thermoforming properties and perfect fit for the product shape
  • Extended shelf life for the packaged products

Print option

Flexo printing.


Styria Therm (top film) and Styria Form (bottom film) are used for a broad range of applications in the food and non-food sector. Depending on the requirements, our films are suitable for pasteurisation, sterilisation and microwave applications and are therefore especially suitable for sensitive food such as


Our films are made of polyamide (PA) and EVOH to obtain optimal barrier properties. Special additives such as metallocenes or ionomers ensure ideal seal strength, exceptional hot tack as well as fine optics of the material.

Our bottom webs feature excellent forming properties that guarantee a high residual wall thickness even in thinner films. The low sealing and forming temperature required during film processing results in substantial energy savings for our customers. Suitable for all thermoforming applications, our barrier materials are also available in peel, colour and anti-fog options.

Technical data
  Strength (µm) Width (mm)  
Thermoforming films  
Top webs - Styria Therm

65 - 200

250 - 1.550  
Bottom webs - Styria Form 65 - 360 250 - 1.550  
High gas barrier thermoforming films  
Top webs - Styria Therm Bar 65 - 130 250 - 1.550  
Bottom film - Styria Form Bar 65 - 360 250 - 1.550  
Special features Colouring, Anti-fog, Peel  
Converting Printing/flexo, slitting 250 - 2,100 mm  

We hereby certify that the quality of the films we produce complies with the directives (EU) No. 10/2011 of 14.01.2011, No. 1935/2004 of 27.10.2004, No. 2023/2006 of 22.12.2006 and FDA regulations as amended from time to time.