Flexible packaging that “leapfrogs” ahead in the recycling game.

The new StripPouch is 100% recyclable and uses approximately 70% less material than rigid plastic bottles that hold the same volume.

Additional features & benefits:

  • Replaces conventional flexible packaging
  • Spout and cap are made of Polyethylene
  • Detachable decorative panels
  • Free of glues or adhesives
  • Complete with die-cut handle for easy handling

The Frog Prince of Packaging

In 2014, Werner & Mertz approached suppliers with a bold decision to create fully recyclable packaging, but Mondi was the only company to accept this collaboration and challenge. Together, they sought to integrate a nature-inspired concept, “Cradle to Cradle®” approach into Werner & Mertz’s packaging and products. With the help of 3 additional partners, EPEA Switzerland (Cradle to Cradle®), Institut Cyclos-HTP and, Der Grüne Punkt-DSD, their design aim was to “reverse-engineer” the recycling process: to create packaging fit for every stage of the recycling process.

Introducing the frog prince of packaging

Introducing the frog prince of packaging