Our films meet all requirements when it comes to producing tube laminating films which provide a reliable seal and/or barrier and have the right properties for further processing. Thus, they play an important part in guaranteeing the shelf life and quality of your products. 

Our tube laminating films are principally used in the production of tubes for toothpaste, cosmetics and foodstuffs.


  • High and safe sealing performance
  • High quality printings possible
  • Use of highly effective barrier films depending on the specific requirements


  • Toothpaste tubes
  • Cosmetics tubes
  • Foodstuffs tubes


Standard tube laminate films Our standard tube laminating films are high-quality seal and print films. Our seal film is used during further processing to provide a reliable seal inside the tube. Our print film on the outside of the tube ensures excellent print results and a handsome appearance at the POS.
Barrier tube laminate films When used as the middle layer in a tube laminate, Mondi’s highly effective barrier films ensure your products retain their high quality over a long period. Thanks to our barrier films, high-quality tubes can be produced without any aluminium, e.g. based on EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol). These films are an excellent complement to our internal and external films for the further processing of tubes.