Reliable, attractive and convenient packaging

We offer a broad range of industrial bags optimised for high-speed filling lines and suitable for food contact. Our bags provide easy handling and ensure protection of the goods inside.

In our own Bag Application Centre (BAC), we are performing tests on our packaging solutions to ensure the toughest customer requirements are fulfilled.

Natro Tech, our filling equipment producer, provides various types of filling and packaging equipment for valve bags, open mouth bags, and big bags.

myMondi / all-in-one digital customer platform

Watch our short video on myMondi to see the main functions and its benefits for you.

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SPLASHBAG - Let it rain!

We care about your products as much as you do, therefore, we developed a water-repellent paper sack that resists rain up to 6 hours without breaking and ready to be handled.

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Mondi's EcoSolutions approach is about finding the best solution for you, our customer.

We ask the right questions across the value chain to consider the needs of your business, your product and our planet.

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