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Pasted Open Mouth Bags

Open mouth bags are made of high quality materials, closed on one side by sewing or glueing, offering reliable hygienic closure techniques.

Pasted Valve Bags

Pasted Valve Bags are closed bags made of high quality materials, designed for high-speed filling through a valve on spout packers; flexible closure options.


Pinch Bottom Bags

Pinch Bottom bags are best suitable for medium and big content, available with/without gusset and a variety of barrier and closing options.

SOS (Block Bottom) Bags

Self-Standing open mouth bags available in a multitude of combinations of materials, features and closing methods.

Industrial bag filling equipment

Natro Tech S.r.l. offers 90 years of experience in manufacturing industrial bag filling machinery.

Paper-based consumer bags and reels

Our specialised plant in San Pietro in Gu produces paper-based consumer bags and reels.


Pasted valve bag with a water-repellent outer ply for high-speed filling of moisture sensitive goods.


Pasted valve bag with a water-repellent surface of the outer ply to keep high tensile strength in a wet environment.


The sustainable alternative to plastic mailers.

PE-liner Bags

Open mouth bag, equipped with a PE-inliner as a moisture barrier for hygienic packaging.


Paper wicket bag that replaces plastic solutions

Protector Bags

Multi-layer paper based bags, suitable for packaging bulky goods/ heavy duty. Flexible, cost efficient, ecological.


Pasted valve bag made of one ply of high-performance paper for high speed filling of powdered goods.

Hot Lock Bag®

Open mouth bag with hot melt coating for sift-proof pinch closure, ideal for packaging goods under strict hygiene standards.

Peel Pak®

Open mouth bag with heat sealed inner polyethylene bag for packaging dry dairy and related food products.

Hybrid Bag

Open mouth bag with a Film/Paper outer ply, providing a viable alternative to woven bags. Increased overall strength of the bag.

Airstream® family

Pasted valve bags with a unique de-aeration system for high-speed filling of moisture-sensitive powders and building materials.

Effusion Bag

Pasted valve bag with funnel formed effusion opening for precise dosing, optimal protection and reclosing.

Mini Bag

A compact pasted valve bag for shelf-sized packaging: a great solution for small needs!

Terra Bag®

Our biodegradable pasted valve bag, OK Compost certified; for sustainable waste management of industrial bags.

Window Bag

Pasted valve or open mouth bag with a transparent window to make the bag’s content visible.

World Bag

Pasted valve bag with a unique flap construction for additional printing space.

Easy Seal - feature

Reliable, fast and strong valve sealing based on a new thermo-media technology. OK Compost certified.

Easy Open - feature

Fast, safe and clean opening for any type of bag through an integrated tear open strip at the bottom of the bag.

Air packers

Developed to filling granular or powdery products at high speed into valve bags.

Impeller packers

Developed for filling very fine powdery products (<3 mm) at high speed into valve bags.

Bag applicators

Bags can be placed onto the filling spout conveniently through an automatic bag applicator.

Sealing systems

Offering in-line sealing systems and on-board sealing systems

Weighing systems

Various types of weighing systems for optimized productivity, providing various types of statistics.


They provide automatic means for stacking products onto a standardised pallet for optimal usage of transport and storage room.

High capacity palletisers

Meeting the need of high output production.

Medium capacity palletisers

Great flexibility to satisfy all requirements.

Low capacity palletisers

Ideal for medium and low production output.