Welcome to the dedicated page for ebags

Enter a new level of efficient, transparent, safe & easy bag procurement.

ebags is our own e-commerce platform where our customers can order bags directly. 

  • The most efficient way of bag procurement
  • The most transparent way of bag procurement
  • We offer more than you expect every day

Our clients appreciate the benefits of ebags.


Streamlining procurement processes online.

  • Order placement from anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • More efficiency through structured data and functions
  • With only 3 clicks – no more time consuming writing, faxing or phoning in orders.


Monitoring procurement processes online

  • Transparency from order placement to delivery
  • Monitor your order status, bag designs, bags on stock and your product portfolio
  • Download additional statistics and reports with your relevant data at a click.

Safe & Easy

Safe and easy online procurement

  • Ebags is a smooth way of communication and an additional channel to the direct contact with your sales representative.
  • Full integration from the beginning or simple use via web browser as a first step
  • Every order is evaluated by Mondi Industrial Bags. Inconsistencies in placed orders are reported to you before processing.

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