We all know we have to take action.

Plastic packaging is everywhere. And it’s hard to replace all of it, because sometimes you need plastic’s high barrier protection or stretchability, or there is simply a lack of alternatives. But a switch to greener packaging could be achieved by one big consumer product category: hygiene products.

Everyday hygiene products are bought and consumed with high frequency. Diapers for babies and adults, female hygiene products, toilet and kitchen tissues are all part of a large family of products and they all have one thing in common: they are wrapped in plastic. At least until now.

What if we could switch to a greener, eco-friendly solution and reduce plastic waste around the world – one plastic bag
at a time?

Let's switch

When one of our hygiene industry customers challenged us to find a more sustainable solution for diapers than traditional plastic wicket bags, we combined our knowledge of kraft paper and our bag-making expertise to rethink the whole packing process. Using our customer-centric EcoSolutions approach, we worked closely with our customer along every step of the journey. We explored all stages of the supply and value chain and analysed all the existing technologies. The result is an appealing design that meets our customer’s sustainability goals. Not only did we replace the plastic wicket bags with a paper-based solution, little to no adjustments are needed to run the paper bags on traditional
filling equipment.

Meet EcoWicketBag, the first paper wicket bag in the world filled and sealed on existing machines.


  • Can run on existing filling equipment
  • Made of extremely durable kraft paper
  • Keeps products sterile and safe
  • Cuts CO2 emissions significantly
  • Fully recyclable in paper streams
  • Compostable version available

The sustainable solution for the full range of hygiene products.

  • Flexible: Holds a variety of product types of all sizes.
  • Natural: Kraft paper is the perfect way to show your customers you care. All natural and sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  • Convenient: Easy opening
  • Safe: Ensures your products remain safe, dry and sterile.

If you would like to read more about our EcoWicketBag, you can read the product brochure here.