Thanks to the Effusion bag end users can now better dose the filled good via a funnel-formed effusion opening.

With a few quick hand movements the opening can easily be formed. The sturdy bag and a handle on the bottom of the bag additionally facilitate a convenient and controlled discharging of the bags' content. The paper bag itself is designed for best product protection and encloses the filling material tightly.

By using a PE-free film as second ply, an additional protection against humidity and an extended time of storage of the filled bags can be achieved.


  • Accurate and easy dosing
  • Convenient handle
  • Extended storage period and usage
  • Effective moisture protection

Optional features

  • Easy Seal / Ultrasonic Sealable Valve: for cleanliness and enhanced product protection
  • Easy Open: integrated tear-open strip
  • Security Label: highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label
  • Handle: for enhanced end user convenience


Width 300 mm - 500 mm
Bottom 70 mm - 130 mm
Length 370 mm - 600 mm
Number of plies 2
Base paper bleached or unbleached paper available with grammages ranging from 70 gsm to 120 gsm. Polyethylene free film (8 µm HDPE to 50 µm LDPE) can be incorporated for enhanced moisture protection.


Thanks to the accurate and convenient pouring of content this solution offers extraordinary advantages for products which require a dosed intersperse for mixing and processing the final compound, such as building materials. In addition to this application, the Effusion Bag is suitable for food, feed, cat litter, pet food and chemicals or minerals. Best handling facilitation for the end user can be achieved at packaging units below 20kg.

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