Through the integration of industrial bags production and filling equipment customers can benefit from optimised solutions:

Bags produced by experts in filling equipment - Filling equipment produced by experts in bags.

Natro Tech S.r.l. provides a thorough knowledge of customers’ filling processes of powdery goods. This knowledge in combination with first-class materials and technologies as well as highly educated and committed staff enable them to design filling solutions most suitable for fillers throughout the world.

The company provides various types of filling and packaging equipment for valve bags, open mouth bags, and big bags.

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Related products

Air packers

Developed to filling granular or powdery products at high speed into valve bags.

Bag applicators

Bags can be placed onto the filling spout conveniently through an automatic bag applicator.

Impeller packers

Developed for filling very fine powdery products (<3 mm) at high speed into valve bags.

High capacity palletisers

Meeting the need of high output production.

Medium capacity palletisers

Great flexibility to satisfy all requirements.

Low capacity palletisers

Ideal for medium and low production output.

Sealing systems

Offering in-line sealing systems and on-board sealing systems

Weighing systems

Various types of weighing systems for optimized productivity, providing various types of statistics.