E-commerce is a growing business 

The e-commerce industry and thus the courier packaging industry are developing at an extremely fast pace. The increasing demand for packaging solutions that lower logistics costs and speed up the packaging process at fulfilment centres inspired us to develop an innovative and sustainable solution that meets e-commerce market needs, and supports our customers’ business growth.

Our solution is MailerBAG! 

MailerBAG is made of kraft paper, therefore, recyclable in existing paper streams. The sustainable alternative to plastic mailers.

At the fulfilment centre:

  • The product is packed in the bag, which adjusts to the goods inside.
  • Optional gusset for the bags allow faster filling process.
  • The bag is closed with the top adhesive strip.

At the end-customer:

  • The bag can be opened easily with the opening strip
  • If the end-consumer wishes to return the product, then the bag can be re-used and closed easily with the second adhesive strip on the flap.
  • No need for extra tape or packaging for returning items.

MailerBAG is ideal for shipping non-sensitive items, such as fashion items and accessories.


  • Bag made of 1-2 plies high performance Sack Kraft brown or white paper
  • Double adhesive strip with release liner on the flap, one for easy closing and one for returning items
  • One opening strip for easy and convenient opening
  • Folded or pinch bottom
  • With or without gusset
  • Laminated outer ply for luxurious appearance for pinch bottom (optional)


Sizes in mm

Folded bottom                    Pinch Bottom 
  280x370x80                        Width: 270 - 500
  300x370x80                        Length: 520 - 1200
  340x420x80                        Gusset: 50 - 200


  1. Lower logistic costs. MailerBAG occupies less space during distribution and transportation processes and it is faster to pack and fill in with products.

  2. High-end branding. Offers more branding possibilities compared to the plastic bags, since more colours can be used to print an appealing customer's design, and the outer ply can be laminated for a deluxe appearance.

  3. Easy return. The end-consumers want a hassle-free returning process and part of it is the preparation of the package that needs to be returned.

  4. Sustainable packaging. A paper-based solution made of sack kraft paper and is easily recycled. At the same time, an excellent alternative to plastic mailers.

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