ONE, the one-ply bag for high-speed filling of powdered goods.

The bag is made of unbleached 110g/m2 or bleached 120g/m2 paper. High-performance paper allows for both a significant reduction of material and a high-strength bag. The high stiffness and porosity values of the bag make for fast and clean filling with top performance on the filling spout.

Thanks to less material being used, ONE offers a reduction in cost compared to the traditional two-ply concept. And with up to 25% lower grammage the bag is a resource-effective packaging solution.

ONE and ONEPlus with a biodegradable film are OK Compost certified.


  • Cost savings: As ONE can easily do the job with one paper ply, bag weight is up to 20% lower than with standard 2-ply solutions. Less material usage results in lower bag costs and lower waste disposal costs.
  • Quick & dustless filling: The high porosity of the bag allows for quick de-aeration and thus allows high speed filling. Due to the outstanding paper properties the necessary de-aeration value is achieved without perforating the paper ply which makes ONE also a solution for dust free filling and clean bags.
  • Optimal bag application: ONE has a high stiffness which provides for optimal bag application on the filling spout and thus minimizes rejects.
  • Safety margin in strength: Thanks to the high strength of the bag, ONE is easily prepared to do the job. While a TEA value of 300J/m2 would be sufficient for a 25 kg bag, ONE with a TEA of 407 J/m2 even keeps the required level for the minimum strength of a 50 kg bag. This additional margin means that ONE has more than enough strength for bag applications up to 35 kg.
  • Best printability: ONE´s surface allows for excellent print quality.

Optional features

  • Easy Seal / Ultrasonic Sealable Valve: for cleanliness and enhanced product protection
  • Easy Open: integrated tear-open strip
  • Security Label: highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label
  • Handle: for enhanced end user convenience



Width 180 mm - 600 mm
Bottom 70 mm - 150 mm
Length 240 mm - 600 mm
Number of plies ONE
Paper Advantage ONE
Bag construction valve bag up to 35 kg
Weight 110 gsm (bleached: 120 gsm)
TEA (geometric mean) 3,7 J/g – 407 J/m2
Porosity 9 sec. Gurley
Stretch 8,8%
Stiffness 100 mN

ONE Plus: For improved moisture protection a ply of HDPE or biodgradable free film is added


The excellent filling properties of ONE make this bag a top choice for fine and powdery bulk materials, especially in the cement and building material industry as well as in the food & feed, chemical and minerals industries. ONE is suitable for packaging units up to 35 kg and supports high speed filling.

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