A closed bag designed for high-speed filling through a valve on spout packers (e.g. gravity packer, impeller packer, air packer, screw packer or grooved belt packer).

Valve bags deliver top performance wherever high-speed filling processes are used. Filling performance and protection properties can be optimised according to the customer’s needs. Valve bags can be equipped with PE-free film or PE-Inliners where enhanced moisture protection is needed.


  • High-speed filling: Valve bags are designed for quick de-aeration and high filling speed.
  • Flexible closure options: The valve can either be self-closing by the pressure of the product, closed by sticking down/tucking in, heat sealed or by ultrasonic, depending on the required level of sift proofness and the need for a clean work environment.
  • Optimal palletisation: Valve bags help ensure optimally shaped pallets, due to sturdy bag constructions. Coatings can be optionally applied to improve frictional characteristics.

Optional features

  • Easy Seal / Ultrasonic Sealable Valve: for cleanliness and enhanced product protection
  • Easy Open: integrated tear-open strip
  • Security Label: highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label
  • Handle: for enhanced end user convenience



180 mm - 750 mm


70 mm - 240 mm


240 mm - 1350 mm

Number of plies

1 - 6

Colour printing

Up to 10-colour printing available

Base paper

Bleached or unbleached paper is available, with grammages ranging from 70g sm to 120 gsm. Polycoated plies or HDPE films (High Density Polyethylene) can be incorporated if required for enhanced moisture protection.


Valve bags are used for a vast number of applications, primarily in the building materials and food industries, to filling goods such as:

  • Cement
  • Building materials (plaster, dry mortar)
  • Food (DIN EN 15593)
  • Pet food industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  • Others (detergents, granulates etc.)

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