Peel Pak®

A unique bag for the packaging of dry dairy and related food products suitable for a clean room environment. The inner polyethylene bag is heat sealed and can be completely separated from the outer paper plies or glue in based on customer’s specific requirements.

The polyethylene bag also includes optional venting methods, depending on the polypropylene ply utilized, to assist in product de-aeration prior to palletizing.

We also have the ability to make filling “vent free” for nitro flush applications. The bag’s flat bottom allows for better palletization and a more stable pallet for storage and shipment.


  • Suitable for clean room environment:The poly liner is removable so that paper outer layers can be stripped off prior to being introduced into a clean room environment.
  • Increased product de-aeration: The poly liner can be vented to allow air-release without compromising the bags moisture protection properties.
  • Moisture protection: Poly ply is engineered for a strong and protective seal to allow for maximum moisture protection of the product.
  • Better palletization: The flat bottom design allows for bags to be palletized with the flat side on the outside of the pallet reducing puncturing of the stretch wrap.

Optional features

  • Easy Open: Tear-Top EZ open feature on top or bottom of the bag

  • Security Label: highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label

  • Handle: for enhanced end user convenience

  • Inner Polyethylene bag: Specialized films for inner Polyethylene bag to the needs of your specific product requirements.


Width 305 mm - 585 mm
Bottom 100 mm - 200 mm
Length 495 mm - 965 mm
Number of plies 2-4
Base paper 40# - 70
Colour printing 8 colour offline printing


  • Dry milk
  • Lactose
  • Whey and other dry dairy products
  • Dry food products and additives
  • Chemicals
  • Food colourings and dyes

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