Protector Bags are flexible packaging for bulky, sensitive or irregularly shaped items. Made of multiple layers of durable kraft paper, they ensure high product protection and are environmentally friendly. They are available in envelope or tube form to allow different packing options and have a self-adhesive flap for fast, easy closure.

Whatever the size or shape of your product ...

  • Rigid or flexible
  • Small or large
  • Sensitive or sturdy
  • Pointed or rounded

... there is a Protector Bag that fits!


We find the best Protector Bag for your needs, based on a 3-step approach:

1. Understand your needs and you packaging challenges.

2. Analyse your supply and value chain.

3. Recommend the right Protector Bag for you.


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A proof-point from bike industry

Read our story with Diamant, the German bike manufacturer, to see how we helped them towards sustainable business by reducing their plastic use by 85%.

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Benefits for your business

  • Lower costs: Reduced packaging and handling costs. Fast packing, reduced space and no secondary packaging needed.
  • Product protection: Protection against any impact or deformation due to multi-layers of kraft paper. Breathable material with no condensation, unlike PE.
  • Optimised use of space: Protector Bags take on the shape of the packed goods and can be stacked densely for efficient transport.

Benefits for the environment

  • Recyclable: Standard version made of durable kraft paper, fully recyclable in waste streams.
  • Less plastic waste: No plastic packaging needed during transport or storage. Paper is a renewable material and can be recycled up to 6 times.
  • Reduce CO2: Less packaged transport volume can help reduce CO2 emissions. Less space, fuel and energy used.

Optional Features

  • Adhesive Tape: Depending on your Protector Bag type and format, closure of the packaging becomes a matter of seconds via pre-applied tape. No utensils needed and the optimal closure position is apparent.
  • Prints: e.g. logos can be applied across the full format.
  • Extra Stiffness:  Paper layers of higher grammage for additional protection and stiffness for sensitive goods.

Packaging for various industries and products

  • Vehicle components and parts
  • Bicycle components 
  • Soft furnishings, textiles and mattresses
  • Glass and mirrors
  • B2B, B2C, eCommerce and many more … just ask us!

Technical Specifications

Width 180 mm to 1,200 mm*
Length 500 mm to 3,500 mm*
Paper types
  • Smooth kraft and soft fleece papers for coated or finished surfaces.
  • Embossed kraft papers for a robust and rigid packaging to protect against impacts and deformation.
  • Integrated closing flap
  • Individual printing

*Special sizes and specifications available on request

Mondi Protector Bags. Flexible. Cost efficient. Ecological.