Protector Bags are paper-based bags, ideally suited for packaging bulky goods. This commodity packaging is designed to flexibly protect any type of bulky good. Protector Bags offer optimal usage of storage and transport space and so can deliver considerable saving potential for goods which are difficult to pack. Thanks to several layers of paper, the bags are well cushioned and highly impact resistant. The different plies of Protector Bags can be combined depending on the contents to be packed, for example using a soft fleece layer to protect varnished or chromed objects.

Secondary packaging, such as boxes and large crates, are used to pack several products into one transport unit. This keeps the goods safe from damage. Additionally, a strong primary packaging is needed to secure the goods during handling at warehouses and to prevent contamination, scratches or friction with other goods during transport.

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  • Reduce packaging volume: Due to the flexible material, the size and format of the final packaging can be optimized towards a tight fit of the bag through folding and tucking down during closure. This way the volume of the finally pack is significantly lower than with rigid packaging variants.
  • Optimise usage of transport and storage space: As Protector Bags take on the shape of the packed goods, they can be stored and stacked densely and more can fit into a crate or box. The amount or size of secondary packaging units, as well as freight and storage space, can be reduced substantially.
  • Reduced cost: Rigid bulk goods can now be packed in a more economical way. The tight fit of the packaging results in substantial volume reductions and so the freight and storage space needed and the related costs can be reduced substantially. Examples of current Protector Bags clients have shown that the packaging volume can be reduced by up to 67% leading to savings in logistics cost.
  • Easy handling: Protector Bags are instantly ready for use, no set up or assembling of the packaging is needed. The insertion space is optimised to the format of the product for most convenient filling, which is also supported by the stiffness of the construction. Thus, even packaging of long products can usually be handled by one person only.
  • Choose an ecological solution: Compared to traditional packaging Protector Bags provide significant environmental benefits. Reduced packaging volume and weight offer:
    • Reduced waste and disposal cost
    • Optimised utilisation of transport and storage space resulting in lower CO2 emissions
    • Partly recycled materials
    • Protector Bags are part of the Green Range – Mondi’s unique family of paper and packaging products optimised to save natural resources and reduce waste. 

Optional Features

  • Handles: Bulky goods are difficult to carry and sometimes only one piece can be carried at a time. That is why Mondi Protector Bags can be equipped with handles for better carrying comfort.
  • Anti-Corrosion Coating: Protector Bags are also available made from special anti-corrosion coated materials to protect metal contents from corrosion during transport or storage.
  • Adhesive Tape: Depending on your Protector Bag type and format, closure of the packaging becomes a matter of seconds via pre-applied tape. No utensils needed and the optimal closure position is apparent.
  • Prints: e.g. logos can be applied across the full format.

Packaging for various industries and products


Width 300 mm to 1200 mm*
Length 500 mm to 4500 mm*
Layers 1 to 4*
Grammage Up to 400 gsm* in total for all layers
Paper types Protector Bags are produced from up to four layers of different paper types for optimal protection and handling.

They can be combined depending on customer needs.

  • Very smooth kraft paper (MG) protects sensitive surfaces.
  • Recycled paper layer shields the product against shocks.
  • Premium quality semi extensible paper provides the necessary stiffness for a sturdy bag and allows best printability.

*Special sizes and specifications available on request


  • Aerospace
  • Household
  • Leisure
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Vehicles parts
  • Bicycles
  • Shower tubs
  • Steel bars
  • Mirrors
  • Road signs
  • Radiator

Mondi Protector Bags. Flexible. Cost efficient. Ecological.

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