Our community and household Refuse bags are made from special wet strength paper grades that assure that the bags keep performing in moist to wet environments. Our Bio Waste Container bags and Organic Waste bags are additionally produced with watertight gluing to assure that wet content does not destroy the bag and is kept safely inside.


  • Fully compostable and recyclable
  • High performing, even in wet environments
  • Available in bundles of 50 to 100 bags for easy household distribution


Refuse Bags (27 to 170 L):

Face width 254 to 533 mm
Gusset/ Bottom 140 to 305 mm
Tube Length 533 to 1270 mm
No. of plies: 1-3 (plus film)


Lawn and Leaf bags (114 L):

Face width 406 mm
Gusset/Bottom 305 mm
Finished Length 889 mm
Plies 2


  • Open Mouth Bag with pasted cross bottom
  • 70 – 120 gsm wet strength paper


Our Refuse Bags are suitable for the following applications:

  • Collection of waste paper for recycling
  • Residual Waste Bags
  • Bio Waste Container Bags
  • Organic Waste Bags

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