World Bag® offers up to three times more printing space on the back side compared to a standard valve bag. With the unique flap-construction instructions printed on the inside of the flap, they can easily be accessed by the end-user. It’s like opening a book! The bag at the same time remains intact for further storage and handling.

World Bag® provides a flap which can be pulled open easily along a perforation or a strip. The flap itself is printable on both sides and also allows the usage of the inner bag ply as additional printing space. Depending on the length of the text, clients are usually limited to five to seven translations per printing area. In comparison to this, World Bag® offers up to three times more printing space for translations of instructions or other content.


  • International usability: The World Bag® is the answer to the steadily increasing demand for communicating ever more information on packaging such as ingredient lists, usage instructions, warning notices, environmental regulations and promotional texts in various languages. Companies exporting products requiring extensive usage or safety instructions usually have to provide these in the language of each of the export markets. This extensive amount of text is hard to fit on the surface of standard bags. Thanks to its innovative construction World Bag®, offers enough space for your communication needs and allows you to provide all required languages.
  • Reduced packaging variations: Thanks to the fact that more translations of instructions will fit on World Bag®, than on any standard valve bag, the number of packaging variations can be reduced significantly thus simplifying production and logistics.
  • Improved handling and cost efficiency: Less packaging variations result in facilitated logistics, order forecasting, inventory management and storage. The risk of confusing shipments is eliminated. When modifications of instructions or designs need to be made the reduction of packaging variations increases flexibility thanks to the lower stock balance required and eases handling of graphics. All these benefits result in lower overall costs.
  • Bag remains intact: Another plus of World Bag® is that the bag remains intact, easy to handle and still fully protects the contents when the flap is opened. The end user can access the instructions and yet keep the product for later usage without compromising the shelf life.
  • Additional space for promotion: World Bag® additional printing space can also be used for promotional purposes. It provides extra-space for any messages you would like to communicate to the end user. Used as advertising space complementary product lines could be promoted. Added product value can be provided e.g. by printing home improvement tips on do-it-yourself (DIY) products.

Optional features

  • Easy Seal / Ultrasonic Sealable Valve: for cleanliness and enhanced product protection
  • Easy Open: integrated tear-open strip
  • Security Label: highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label
  • Handle: For enhanced end user convenience



Width 300 mm - 650 mm
Bottom 100 mm - 130 mm
Length 300 mm - 1300 mm
Number of plies minimum 3 (excluding barrier film)
Base paper bleached or unbleached paper available with grammages ranging from 70 gsm to 90 gsm.


World Bag® serves the need of companies exporting products requiring extensive directions for use or safety instructions for various markets. The concept offers opportunities to fillers of a variety of powdery and coarse goods in the following industries:

  • Pet food
  • Pet care
  • Building materials
  • Food (DIN EN 15593)
  • Animal feed
  • Seeds
  • Chemicals
  • Minerals

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