Mondi’s family of Woven Polypropylene Bags (WPP) are available in various styles to meet customer closing and handling requirements.


  • Convenience features: Several convenience features available including handles and EZ open Reclosable options
  • Strong and puncture resistant: Strong flexible construction adds strength and puncture resistance
  • Various closing methods: Several closing methods can be used including sewing, pinch closure and heat sealed
  • Attractive printing Up to 9 colours available for self-impact graphics increasing shelf appeal at the point of sale

Optional features

  • Various field closing options
  • EZ open features
  • Handles



Width 305 mm - 480 mm
Gusset 65 mm - 152 mm
Length 430 mm - 965 mm
Number of plies 1*  
Colour printing 8 colors

*Single ply is commonly made up of a polypropylene film laminated to a polypropylene fabric


  • Pet food
  • Feed
  • Bird Seeds
  • Rice
  • Sugar

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