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Mondi Group offers a full portfolio of custom eCommerce packaging solutions and products that are fit for purpose, innovative and sustainable by design. We are setting new standards in the industry with our expertise in sustainable eCommerce packaging and product design.

Driven by an agile and customer-centric mindset, our extensive network of in-house designers and engineers develop award-winning eCommerce solutions together with our partners.

Our focus is on decreasing total packaging costs, reducing waste, and meeting end-consumer needs through a combination of our sustainability expertise and full portfolio of multi-material solutions, including kraft and functional barrier paper, paper bags and corrugated solutions.

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Barrier packaging

Corrugated solutions with functional coatings protect and contain goods that are moist, greasy or oily and also surface or heat sensitive. From durables to food packaging and industrial applications, barrier packaging opens opportunities.

Inserts & dividers

Many different kinds of inserts, inter-layers, wedging and filling materials are available across our entire product portfolio.


Avoiding excessive packaging and plastics in the eCommerce supply chain


Challenging the market standard for slim packaging in eCommerce


Delight your business and your customers!


An innovative solution to facilitate shipping of potted flowers and plants in a sustainable way.


A stream lined portfolio for all needs in the eBottle packing and shipping for wines, spirits and craft beers.


Mondi’s eGrocery offers clever designs with different bottom and closure options as well as inserts, easy open and carry solutions.


From field to shelf


Easy solution for automating Mondi’s EnvelopeMailer.


The sustainable alternative to plastic mailers.

Advantage eCom Smooth White

Calendered paper that offers great printability and flexibility for eFood and eGrocery bags.

Advantage eCom Kraft White

Very strong white paper with high stiffness for good runnability on conversion lines. Ideal for mailers.

Advantage eCom Tape Base

Strong paper with enhanced surface properties for water activated coatings.

Advantage eCom Kraft

Very strong brown paper with high stiffness for good runnability on conversion lines. Ideal for mailers.

Advantage eCom High Strength

Very strong, but flexible brown paper. Ideal for eFood & eGrocery bags.

MG paper grades for eCommerce

Our range of machine glazed lightweight papers are an ideal solution for garment bags in the eCommerce industry.

EcoVantage eCom Mailer

Paper with 50% recycled content with high stiffness  and good mechanical properties. Ideal for mailers and eFood/eGrocery bags.

EcoVantage Light Cushion

Highly efficient paper with up to 50% recycled content for high speed cushioning machines.

Functional barrier papers

Our full range of functional barrier papers for packaging solutions

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