Color Copy style

Smooth off-white uncoated colour laser paper.
For professional printing

Color Copy coated glossy

Double-sided coated glossy colour laser paper.
For professional printing

Color Copy coated silk

Double-sided coated silk colour laser paper.
For professional printing

DNS® for HP Indigo

Pigmented uncoated premium paper.

For professional printing

Standard label films

Our standard PE label films are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Graphic arts release liner

Release liners are used for a broad range of graphic arts applications, such as advertising films (vinyl, PET, PVC, etc.), in-store advertising, public and exhibition displays and banners, signs and reflective films.

Structured liners for graphic arts

In order to meet our customers' requirements in the graphic arts market and offer excellent processing properties for their products, we have invented structured liners that banish bubbles in an instant.

Label liners

We specialise in the development and production of release liners for point-of-sale labelling, primary labels for the food and cosmetics industries and VIP/business systems labels.


Release liner for tapes

Release liner for self-adhesive tapes providing excellent processing and protection for the adhesive.

Coatings for imaging

Extrusion Coated Materials to create a positive image


Extrusion coated materials for special applications.