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Elastic Film for Waistband Applications

Mondi Solastic®-CD films are known for their excellent stretching properties in cross direction and stability in machine direction.

BarrierPack Recyclable

Better for the environment, better for business.

Mondi has developed a fully-recyclable plastic laminate for pre-made pouches and FFS roll stock that is perfect for integration into existing recycling schemes. BarrierPack Recyclable has been validated for existing industrial recycling streams.

BarrierPack Films

Protection against outside influences while preserving the desired properties or substances, such as the aroma and taste of coffee. It can be tricky to determine how much protection is required.

Monofilm Rollstock

High speed optimised film for improved running speeds.

Bundle Film

Outer packaging for bundling similar consumer products for transportation and storage. Available as mono or coex films, printed or unprinted.

Biobased Films

Reducing dependency on fossil resources.


A combination of paper and flexible film. For excellent barrier properties with a natural look and feel. Available as reel-stock or pre-made pouches.

Sterilisation Packaging

Outstanding aroma protection and longer shelf life guaranteed.


Premium reclosable plastic bags with added value.

FlexziBox - Flat Bottom Bag

Outstanding stability and convenience.


The strong and reliable packaging alternative.


The flexible alternative to bottles, canisters or buckets. Ideal for packing liquids, pastes or loose materials.


An innovative box-shaped packaging solution with outstanding stability.


Reliable protection for your products, clever features and excellent brand presentation.


No hassle. No mess.


The reclosable stand-up pouch - easy and convenient.

Shelf ready packaging

Thanks to the eye-catching designs of SRP and its efficiency in the shelf replenishment process no other packaging holds as many secrets to success.

E-retail packaging

E-commerce has seen unparalleled growth in the last few years and continues to pave its way into the future. Our Corrugated Packaging solutions support business growth with e-commerce and link retailers and end users.

Hazardous goods solutions

Development, testing and approval of hazardous goods packaging. We support our customers to comply with regulations and ease the process though service and competence.

Inserts & dividers

Many different kinds of inserts, inter-layers, wedging and filling materials are available across our entire product portfolio.

Corrugated wrap arounds

Corrugated Wrap arounds are a cost and material saving alternative to slotted cases - a solution for on-site gluing and erecting process technology.

Advantage Formable

Advantage Formable is a specially designed paper grade for forming and embossing applications.

Advantage MF EcoComp

Brown Advantage MF EcoComp is designed for production of paper bags for collection of wet organic household waste. It is produced from pure, brown long-fibre kraft pulp.


Advantage MF Kraft

Advantage MF Kraft combines a natural look and feel with very high strength properties.

Advantage MF Lining

Advantage MF Lining is produced from pure, brown long fibre kraft pulp and mainly used for PE-lamination and corrugated material.

Advantage MF SpringPack Plus

Advantage MF SpringPack Plus is produced from pure, unbleached long-fibre kraft pulp. 

Advantage MF Wrap

Advantage MF Wrap is produced from pure, unbleached long-fibre kraft pulp and mainly used for PE lamination; end use reel wrapping material and other kraft paper applications such as carrier bags.

Advantage MF Z

Advantage MF Z is produced from pure, unbleached long-fibre kraft pulp and is used for the lamination of spiral cans with a sealed lid and other kraft paper applications. 

EcoVantage Kraft Xlite

The soft calendered paper EcoVantage Kraft Xlite offers excellent formation and good strength.

EcoVantage Kraft X

EcoVantage Kraft X is a soft calendered paper with excellent formation and sufficient strength.

EcoVantage Kraft TopX

EcoVantage Kraft Top X is a soft calendered paper with excellent formation, satisfactory strength and printability.

Advantage MF White Kraft

Advantage MF White Kraft is a speciality kraft paper with high stiffness, very good printability and excellent runnability. 

Advantage MF White Pulp Wrapping

Advantage MF White Pulp Wrapping paper has been developed for wrapping bales of white pulp.

Advantage Smooth White

Advantage Smooth White is a white calendered speciality kraft paper with good strength and excellent printability.

Advantage Smooth White Strong

Advantage Smooth White Strong is a calendered speciality kraft paper with high strength and good printability.

Advantage Smooth White Gloss

The calendered Advantage Smooth White Gloss offers the best mix of excellent strength and outstanding printability.

Advantage MG Kraft

Advantage MG Kraft is a machine-glazed paper, distinguished by its high strength and excellent surface properties of the glazed side.

Advantage MG Coating

Advantage MG Coating is a machine glazed speciality kraft paper, distinguished by its high strength and excellent surface properties of the glazed side.

Advantage MG Gumming

Advantage MG Gumming is a machine glazed speciality kraft paper, distinguished by its especially high strength and excellent surface properties of the glazed side.

Advantage MG Mail

Advantage MG Mail is a machine glazed speciality kraft paper, distinguished by its high strength and the excellent surface properties of the glazed side.

Advantage MG White High Gloss

Advantage MG White High Gloss is white MG paper with high gloss, excellent strength properties and good runnability. 

Advantage MG White Flex

Advantage MG White Flex is a white MG paper with high gloss and opacity, excellent formation and good runnability. 

Advantage MG White Flex RB

Advantage MG White Flex RB is soft calandered white MG paper with excellent formation and low porosity.

Refuse Bag (waste management)

Open mouth bags for waste management. Performing even in moist and wet environments. Fully compostable and biodegradable.

YBBS® premium black board

The premium board to activate human senses.

YBBS® premium ivory board

The finest board combining an elegant, natural look with an extensive environmental profile.

YBBS® premium white board

The exclusive high white board with a sound environmental profile and unique haptics.

Label liners

We specialise in the development and production of release liners for point-of-sale labelling, primary labels for the food and cosmetics industries and VIP/business systems labels.


Standard label films

Our standard PE label films are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Top coated label films

Our top-coated label films ensure excellent printing results with all standard colour systems and (digital) print processes (flexo, letterpress, gravure, thermal transfer, offset, indigo and screen), which means your product is guaranteed to stand out at the point-of-sale.

Laminating film

Packaging has a significant role to play in product quality. Thus, we produce highly specialised laminating films.

Tube laminating films

High-performance, reliable films used to produce tube laminates.

Water-soluble film

Convenient, time-saving and waste-reducing


FIBROMER® Fibres are specific treated kraft pulp fibres to be used as alternative in polymer-composites.

ProVantage Baywhite

A premium quality uncoated white top kraftliner. It is made out of 100% virgin kraft fibre, which guarantees a superior appearance for high-quality printing.

ProVantage Komiwhite

ProVantage Komiwhite benefits from the strength of Nordic fibres offering quality printability, runnability, and whiteness.

ProVantage Kraftliner

ProVantage Kraftliner is 100% recyclable and therefore ideal for environmentally sound packaging.

ProVantage KraftTop Liner

ProVantage KraftTop Liner is a twin-ply linerboard with excellent strength values.

ProVantage KraftTop LinerX

ProVantage KraftTop LinerX is made from 70% recycled fibre for high performance and strength.

ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua

ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua is partly water-resistant and used mainly for packaging applications in very humid environments.

ProVantage Powerflute®

The most efficient raw material in the corrugated packaging industry.

ProVantage Fluting Fresco

ProVantage Fluting Fresco is a stable and moisture-resistant semichemical fluting.

ProVantage Fluting Aqua

ProVantage Fluting Aqua is a partly water-resistant fluting capable of withstanding very humid conditions.

ProVantage Fluting WB

ProVantage Fluting WB is made out of 100% recovered fibre and has optimum runnability and processing properties.

ProVantage Testliner 3

ProVantage Testliner 3 is 100% recyclable and a great solution for environmentally sound packaging.

ProVantage Fluting WB Frigo

ProVantage Fluting WB Frigo is the best choice for cost-efficient corrugated packaging in the fruit and vegetable industry.

ProVantage Fluting WB Plus

ProVantage Fluting WB Plus uses higher-quality fibres and is approximately 20% stronger than Fluting WB.

ProVantage Tire Kraft

ProVantage Tire Kraft’s mechanical properties measure consistently high and provide compelling economic advantages.