Thumbs required: Pets still need us

Humanisation has changed the way we feed our pets. Trends in pet food such as e-commerce, snackification, and sustainability show that we expect the same convenience, portion control, and environmental impact for our furry friends as for ourselves. The saying “Pets are people too” is popular, but pets still need us.

They need our opposable thumbs to open their pet food packaging.

Mondi is a leading pet food packaging producer and a market leader in Europe - with the technical capability and experience to keep your pet food fresh, and the sustainable packaging convenient. 

A reliable human partner


  • Operational Excellence

    Mondi’s technical skills, capabilities and global presence make it possible for us be flexible, and our integrated value chain makes our supply chain secure, guaranteeing reliable service for your packaging needs.

    Mondi’s scope also provides a wide offering on pet food packaging, which includes paper and plastic options to meet your specific product requirements.

    Contingency plan in order to guarantee security of supply

    • Global customer service and global delivery
    • Customise our products to your machines
    • High running speeds without compromise
    • Optimal palletisation
    • Optimised order planning
  • Innovation

    At Mondi, we are pet owners too! We know the feeling when our pets run into the kitchen at the first hint of us opening their pet food.

    We have an innovation mindset, working with the best and the brightest to imagine the packaging of the future.

    We know that convenience matters, and that packaging features can make our interactions with our pets during dinner time frustration free, while keeping them out of their food the rest of the day.

    We partner with our customers to find the best solutions for their needs, and we work together to optimise and reduce the total cost of ownership, especially in a time when focusing on sustainability while saving is a priority

  • Sustainability

    Just like we need our thumbs to open the packaging, we need our green thumbs to protect the planet. 

    We support our customers in their journey towards sustainability, through our approach EcoSolutions. We can provide the best solution for pet food protection and extended shelf life, using the motto "paper where possible, plastic when useful", in order to reduce, replace, recycle packaging materials, once you have fed your pets.

  • Features
    • Roto & Flexo printing
    • Easy opening
    • Reclosing
    • Various shapes and sizes
    • Attractive finishings

    Browse the features that work the best for your product and brand. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Choose your packaging

Dry Pet Food

Pre-made flexible, paper or polywoven-based bags and laminates with a variety of features.

Wet Pet Food

Retort pouches and high-barrier laminates.

Snacks & Treats

Stand-up pouches, bags and laminated films for FFS applications.

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