CO2 neutral papers

As a leading international manufacturer of packaging and paper, Mondi is committed to developing cost-efficient, high-performance and environmentally responsible solutions as part of its Green Range product portfolio. Mondi’s leading brand for colour laser printing, Color Copy, is fully CO2 neutral, from cradle to Mondi factory gate, since 2010. The introduction of NAUTILUS® SuperWhite CO2 neutral and all high-speed inkjet papers with a CO2 neutral option marks a natural progression in Mondi’s strong focus on the responsible management of natural resources.

Mondi's approach can be summed up in three words: Analyse, Minimise, Neutralise!


Mondi's CO2 reduction initiatives:

We calculate and report our emissions to air according to the recommendations of the environmental consultancy ERM, which is based on the international assurance and audit standards ISAE 3000, ISO 14064-3 and ISO 19011.

In 2017, we met our 2030 target of reducing specific CO₂e emissions from our pulp and paper mills by 15% against a 2014 baseline. 

We have now adopted a new science-based target to reduce our production-related specific Scope 1 and 2 CO₂ emissions to 0.25 tonnes of CO₂  per tonne of saleable production by 2050 against a 2014 baseline of 0.59.

 We achieve this through

  • Energy efficiency projects
  • Substitution of fossil fuels with energy from biomass
  • New recovery boiler at Syktyvkar in 2010, generating green electricity for the mill, making it fully self-sufficient in energy
  • New turbine at Stambolijski in 2013, generating green electricity for the mill and a surplus for the grid
  • New recovery boiler at Frantschach in 2013, improving the mill’s energy efficiency
  • New recovery boiler, turbine and lime kiln at Ružomberok in 2014, doubling green energy generation, and reducing organic emissions, dust emissions, water emissions, and lime sludge waste
  • New recovery boiler, rebuild of the old recovery boiler into a biomass boiler and installation of a new turbine at Świecie in 2015, improving energy efficiency, reducing dust emissions and generating green electricity for the mill and surplus for the grid 

How does Mondi compensate for emissions of its CO2 neutral papers?

Along the production cycle it is unavoidable that CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere even though Mondi focuses on highly efficient usage of resources. Thus, carbon offsetting is a way of taking responsibility for these unavoidable emissions by investing in CO2 reduction activities outside the company.

We neutralize emissions related to our paper production from cradle to Mondi factory gate by supporting the following project:


Hydropower emissions reduction project in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

By replacing fossil fuels and preventing the reconstruction of fossil fuel power plants, the project annually avoids the emission of 290,976 tonnes of CO₂-equivalents and is a Verified Carbon Standard.


Why does Mondi not compensate for emissions in Europe?

Climate change is a global problem. Climate neutrality is based on the principle that greenhouse gas emissions have a damaging effect on the climate – globally. In terms of climate protection the exact origins of the emissions are irrelevant as are the specific locations for emission avoidance. The Kyoto protocol aims to support projects in developing countries. Mondi supports those countries that are most affected by climate change and where these projects can make the most impact.