Recycled Papers

No product is more widely recycled than paper. Based on natural fibres using renewable resources, all of Mondi’s paper-based products can consequently be recycled. In 2017, we used 1.3 million tonnes of paper for recycling (recovered fibre) in our production at Mondi. 

Retain carbon

In a properly sustainable process, it is important that carbon should remain combined with its biomass (the raw organic material that in the case of paper production is wood fibre) for as long as possible before released through burning. For us, this means recycling.

Reduce waste

Using recycled fibres allows carbon to remain combined for longer and reduces waste to landfill, benefiting the climate and the environment. This means that recycled fibres are a perfect complement to primary fibres. They both should be used in an ecologically responsible way, however, bearing in mind the whiteness, stiffness and hygiene needs of our products.

Sandwich technology

Our NAUTILUS® products are made of 100% post-consumer recycled fibres.
Post-consumer waste paper is usually referred to all the paper that is already used by consumers and is collected by recycling companies for conversion and reuse. We also use post-consumer recycled fibres in our NAUTILUS® ReFresh through the Mondi patented TRIOTEC® ‘sandwich’ technology. This technology enables us to use recycled fibres as a middle layer between high-quality TCF (totally chlorine free) primary fibres. Our TRIOTEC® products combine outstanding feeding properties with high environmental performance.


Green Range recycled paper products:


Your 100% recycled Blue Angel paper for all needs.

NAUTILUS® Classic - Office

NAUTILUS® SuperWhite

Your 100% recycled premium paper.

NAUTILUS® SuperWhite - Office


Your 30% recycled premium paper.

NAUTILUS® ReFresh - Office