Color Copy jet - The satin paper for digital color printing

Color Copy jet is specifically optimised for sheet fed high-speed inkjet machines, like the Canon Océ VarioPrint i200/i300 or the Konica Minolta AccurioPress KM-1. Its pigmented surface is treated for dye and pigment inks resulting in very high colour gamut, good fixation of the ink on surface as well as economical use of ink. With its unique satin appearance it ensures a high quality glossy look of the final print product.

It wouldn’t be Color Copy, though, if it wasn’t staying true to its roots: while designed for high-speed inkjet printing, Color Copy jet is also the premium choice for digital toner: you still get the highest colour reproduction and reliability on all toner presses.


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  • High and very high colour density for pigment and dye ink
  • Colour gamut levels reaching coated offset and surpassing most other inkjet papers
  • Very even solid areas and smooth colour gradients
  • Ideal whiteness resulting in excellent contrast
  • Paper is available in a range of 90, 200 and 300 g/m², in SRA3 long grain/short grain and B2 long grain/short grain, making it the ideal choice for your premium graphic arts applications
  • Carries the FSC certification and EU Ecolabel
  • Tested on and / or approved by: Canon Oce i-series, Konica Minolta AccurioPress KM-1 as well as leading toner production presses

Moments that matter. Every time

This year we celebrate 30 years of Color Copy. That's 30 years of experience and reliability, 30 years of outstanding partnerships, and 30 years of innovative firsts.

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