ColorLok® Technology is based on a class of paper additives that visibly enhance the print quality of inkjet document printing while also providing fast drying time. A specific chemical interaction between additives and the pigment holds the pigment on the paper surface while the rest of the ink penetrates deep into the paper.

This results in a paper that is highly absorptive (for fast drying) and also keeps the colorant near the paper surface for rich, crisp, vivid print quality. This specific interaction between the ColorLok® additives and the ink colorant enables a paper design with the unique combination of increased print quality and fast drying time.

In addition, since consistent and reliable printing in the office setting with many different types of printers and copiers is essential, ColorLok® Technology also meets a range of concise physical and electrostatic specifications relevant to inkjet and laser printing.

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Your benefits on inkjet printers:

  • Vivid colours for printouts for eye-catching results
  • Bolder blacks for more impressive documents
  • Faster drying to save time in the office

Your benefits on laser printers:

  • Consistent, reliable performance helping to reduce printer wear