IQ ALLROUND - the multitalented paper

While our brains are busy coming up with ideas, it is the task of IQ ALLROUND to provide these ideas with a solid foundation. With the multitalented paper among the IQ range you’re taken care of, every day, for every single thought. The high white, perfect runnability and the excellent picture quality make it the solid all-rounder in general office communication. A universal paper with superb reliable results for every flash of genius and inspiration.


Exclusively for CIS markets



80 g/m²








  • Internal office communication
  • Email print-outs
  • Internet print-outs

Paper is our life - Video

Mondi invites you to see why we and our papers make a difference. Each sheet of paper has its purpose. We produce. We recycle. We plant. We care for paper. We love paper. Paper is our life.