IQ BOARD - the packaging paper

IQ BOARD boosts the persuasiveness of your products emphatically and unfolds its talent especially for luxury item and gift packaging as well as for cosmetic and personal care products. The uncoated, wood-free paper enables smooth printing, filling and further processing flows and guarantees premium quality on a fresh fibre basis. With IQ BOARD, you are on the safe side; the risk of mineral oil migration is excluded entirely. Its perfect printing results and pleasant, natural feel make it an ingenious paper for eye-catching packaging design.

Available in a white and ivory shade.


  • Uncoated virgin fibre wood-free premium quality
  • Combines perfect printing results with uncoated natural touch and feel for high value folding boxes
  • Suitable for multiple applications (from consumer packaging to promotion articles)
  • Ensuring a flawless process in printing, filling and converting


250, 275, 300, 325, 350, 400 g/m²


Folio sheets


Reels, eye-to-sea / sky, various widths, diameters and cores available


Green Range      EU Ecolabel    



  • Cosmetics and personal care packaging
  • Merchandise articles and displays
  • Gift packaging
  • Invitation and menu cards
  • Covers, image-folders and sales brochures

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