NEUJET® silk book white

Silky paper targeting book production and publishing segment. 

  • Highly calendared surface treated for dye and pigment inks
  • Results in high colour gamut, fixation of the ink on surface as well as saving of ink
  • Fast drying, ideal for highly productive printing presses
  • Tested on and / or approved by: Canon Océ - all other in progress
  • Smooth, silky surface
  • Ideal whiteness to make this paper eye-friendly
  • Available in reels, guaranteed join-free reels



  • Renders vibrant colours with pigment or dye inks
  • Colour gamut levels surpassing other treated papers
  • Even solid areas
  • Rub-resistant printouts
  • Thin paper will allow slim book backs and also result in less reel changes in production
  • It's eye friendly shade helps readers stay focused for hours
  • In total: the right paper choice for book printers and publishers


70, 90, 100, 115 g/m2


Reels, eye-to-sea  / sky, various widths, diameters and cores available. 


Green Range   FSC   PEFC    ISO 9706    




  • Books
  • Manuals
  • Brochures


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