Niveus® FIT+ – Your      all-round paper for an easy everyday life 

Life can be so easy when things are going according to plan. When you can trust in safety and steadiness. When you are assured of a trouble-free output in your daily tasks. In the world of printing, those are the characteristics of Niveus® FIT+. We created this allrounder to help you get the basics done without losing focus on the important things in life. Niveus® FIT+ allows for more than just black and white print jobs thanks to the high whiteness level. Let’s get started!


  • High white universal paper (CIE 161)
  • Excellent runnability for efficient office life
  • Entry-level quality for colour printing


80 g/m²




Green Range       EU Ecolabel   




  • Office communication
  • E-mail print-outs
  • Internet print-outs
  • Invoices


Paper is our life - Video

Mondi invites you to see why we and our papers make a difference. Each sheet of paper has its purpose. We produce. We recycle. We plant. We care for paper. We love paper. Paper is our life.

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