Stationery and scholastic products

Premium Notebook is a paper grade for producing high-class scholastic material available in 80, 90 and 100 g/m2. Notepads and blocks produced from Premium Notebook paper have a smooth feel and are ideally suited for writing with all kinds of pens or markers, preventing leaking or strike through with optimised paper sizing. The paper can be converted with the highest speeds and printed in all relevant printing technologies and is ISO 9706 certified for archival as well as FSC™ certified.

Our tinted papers are used in different stationery and scholastic products – from paper for mixed packs to board weights for filing folders. With a broad range of colours you are able to produce material that provides a clear differentiation highly visible appearance on the market.

New in our portfolio is NAUTILUS® ProCycle; a white 100% recycling paper bearing the Blue Angel certification. Available in 70 and 80 g/m2, this paper gives consumers confidence that Blue Angel certified products and services meet high environmental, health and performance standards.


Premium Note book 90 g/m2

Premium Note book plus 100 g/m2

IQ premium / MAESTRO® extra 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 g/m2

BIO TOP 3® 80, 90, 100 g/m2

DNS® premium 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 g/m2

IQ color 70, 80, 100, 120, 160 g/m2

NAUTILUS® SuperWhite 70, 80 g/m2

NAUTILUS® ProCycle 70, 80 g/m2





Color Copy: Green Range, FSC™, EU Ecolabel, CO2 neutral

BIO TOP 3® envelope: Green Range, FSC, EU Ecolabel, Austrian Environmental Label

IQ premium / MAESTRO® extra: Green Range, FSC

IQ color: Green Range, FSC, EU Ecolabel, EN 71-3 (European Standard for Safety of Toys)

DNS® premium: Green Range, FSC, EU Ecolabel 

DNS® performance: Green Range, FSC, PEFC 

NAUTILUS® SuperWhite : Green Range, FSC, EU Ecolabel, CO2 neutral 


Paper is our life - Video

Mondi invites you to see why we and our papers make a difference. Each sheet of paper has its purpose. We produce. We recycle. We plant. We care for paper. We love paper. Paper is our life.

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