PERGRAPHICA® Classic Smooth

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.” – Leonardo da Vinci.

That’s why paper matters. With its look and feel PERGRAPHICA® reflects emotions that bring your story to life. Experience its distinctive shades and surfaces and you will realise – with PERGRAPHICA® anything is possible, even perfection. 

Optimised for hybrid printing that combines offset and digital dry toner printing. 


PERGRAPHICA® presents: Vienna Stories

Writer-Director David Ruehm takes us on a journey to the creative hotspots of his hometown Vienna, Austria. He introduces us to the people, places and projects that inspire him, starting at the big Ferris Wheel, and ending at the Danube channel. Learn about bustling corners of creativity such as the analogue haven that is the Supersense Café, comic book and calligraffity artists, painters and craftspeople.