Breathe easy

When it comes to protecting medical staff and their patients, high-quality face masks can make all the difference. Mondi’s new surgical face masks (EU Standard Type IIR) are assembled with in-house manufactured melt-blown nonwovens, and are made in Germany.

Join this virtual plant tour and take a look behind the scenes of the production of our melt-blown nonwovens! No travelling required, 100% safe.

Protection you can trust

Melt-blown nonwovens are the very heart of a face mask. With their filter function, they keep the wearer safe and protected. 

Mondi's melt-blown nonwovens are made in Germany under highest quality standards. 


How it's made

The plastic melt is spun out through a nozzle, which consists of a row of several hundred pin holes. Hot air flows out on both sides of the nozzle tip transforming the polymer streams into very fine filaments. These filaments are drawn by high speed hot air onto a filter belt. The result is a melt-blown fleece with particularly good barrier and filtration properties.



  • Medical (Type I, II and IIR) and FFP2 masks
  • Filtration
  • Hygiene materials & wipes


Technical performance

  • Raw materials: PP-MB
  • Grammage: 15 – 40 g/m2
  • LD: 200 – 700 l/m2
  • Porosity: 12 – 40 μm



Physical properties

  • Self-bonding
  • Large area / weight ratio
  • Adjustable structure of pores and capillaries
  • Hydrophobic / oleophilic
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Electrostatically charged
  • Optional additives