Wiping unsustainable worries away

With our new Carded-Airlaid-Carded (CAC) line we can create a more sustainable three-layer nonwoven for wipes. It will use 100% cellulose content, including viscose and pulp from certified sources, resulting in a nonwoven material that is plastic-free and compostable.

The challenge: Clean can be quite messy

Hygiene wipes are a consumer's lovechild, as they have it all: clever packaging, nice nurturing lotion, good smell. But they come with a catch: they are a real liability, when it comes to disposal. They are tear-resistant, mostly made
of non-decaying polymers and have a tendency to filter all sorts of dirt out of the sewerage – a combination fit to destroy the pumps of purification plants. Their end of life costs, payed for by the public hand, add up to 260% of their retail price. And that is in developed countries with intact sewage management.

This makes for a rather big ecological footprint.

Guess what: We have a solution!

A sustainable nonwoven with no compromise neither in comfort nor in performance. It is made entirely from biodegradable materials, completely free from any polymers.

A 3-layer structure: 2 carded viscose outer layer encapsulate a pulp middle layer.




Sustainable nonwovens with a veeeeeery small footprint!

  • A 3-layer structure made of 100% sustainable raw materials
  • Significantly lower CO2 footprint than other biodegradable spunlace nonwovens
  • LCA results available in Q1/2022


  • Raw material certifications: OEKO-TEX(R) 
  • TÜV compostability certifications: Home, Industrial
  • TÜV biodegradability certifications: Soil, Marine, Water
  • Upon request: PEFC, FSC, TCF (Totally Chlorine Free)

High definition 3D embossing

High definition hydro-embossing further enhances the high cleaning power of our sustainable CAC nonwovens. Choose from various embossing designs:

  • flat design
  • big dot design
  • 3 leaves design
  • waves design

...or choose your own design.

More benefits & characteristics

  • Super soft through spunlace carded outer layers
  • Maximum absorption thanks to a binder-free airlaid pulp centre
  • Two outer layers of carded nonwovens for soft absorption without fibre loss
  • High lotion load and controlled release
  • High dimensional stability and wipe uniformity
  • Excellent convertibility on existing lines

See for yourself!

Watch the material degrade within only a few weeks. Thanks to this time-lapse, it's only a few seconds for you.