A global producer of release liner and face stock films for labels.

Mondi has the technical capability and experience to produce labelling solutions that are sustainable and high on performance.

We're labelled as the whole package

We were one of the first movers to develop polyolefin-based films for self-adhesive labels, and since then we've expanded our package of labelling solutions.

Our complete portfolio of release liners and PE face stock films will help your brand communicate and engage with your customers.

We're labelled as a partner

  • Key benefits
    • We are connected. We have a global network of production sites, warehouses and logistic centres. Rely on experienced and efficient technical support from application engineers and customer service.

    • We are customer-centric. We make continuous improvements in manufacturing and supply-chain to offer the most convenient alternatives for you. We also provide tailor-made solutions to meet special labelling needs.

    • We are capable. We are a global supplier with in-house extrusion and top coating capacities. We share premises with Mondi’s global R&D centre.

  • Sustainability

    Act today. Label your brand sustainable tomorrow

    The future of sustainable labels is here - and we are taking the lead, globally. Our wide range of sustainable materials for labels helps our customers meet their sustainability goals:

    • Recycled content with post consumer waste
    • Responsibly sourced papers
    • Lower carbon footprint
    • Renewable materials

    Collaboration and partnership is fundamental to our approach and how we create change, so we are actively engaging in sustainable initiatives:

  • Applications
    • Food & fresh products
    • Beverages
    • Personal & household care
    • Cosemtics
    • Retail
    • Tracking
    • Logistics
    • Pharmaceuticals

Choose your labelling solution

Release liners

A wide range of glassine, CCK, PCK, linerless PET, BOPP release liners.

PE face stock films

A wide range of standard, specialties, and sustainable options