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Our complete set of sustainable paper-based release liners


The world's first range of sustainable PCK release liners


Our full range of sustainable film-based release liners.

Release liners for labels

Our complete set of release liners for labelling solutions


Envelope release liner

Release liners for self-adhesive envelopes and document pouches.

Release liner for tapes

Release liner for self-adhesive tapes providing excellent processing and protection for the adhesive.

Functional coatings

Individually tailored functional coatings for your environment

Building / Roofing

Other fields of application exist where the release liner protects the adhesive prior to assembling and backs the material during die-cutting.

Medical liners

Release liners for medical applications including transdermal delivery systems, therapeutic patches, adhesive bandages, advanced wound dressings and body electrodes.

Graphic arts release liner

Release liners are used for a broad range of graphic arts applications, such as advertising films (vinyl, PET, PVC, etc.), in-store advertising, public and exhibition displays and banners, signs and reflective films.

Structured liners for graphic arts

In order to meet our customers' requirements in the graphic arts market and offer excellent processing properties for their products, we have invented structured liners that banish bubbles in an instant.

Release liner for fibre composites

During the production of fibre composite materials film- or paper-based release liner are used as a process aid.

Casting Liner

Need a process liner for casting your artificial-leather films? Our technical engineers designed a special casting liner.

Liners for hygiene applications

Protect your hygiene products with a tailored release liner from Mondi.

About Release Liners

More flexible than you expect.

Mondi is your partner for a wide range of coatings, siliconized and other. Mondi customises release liners to address your individual requirements and provides solutions for graphic arts, tapes, fibre composites, medical, hygiene, labels and many other applications.