For a process as smooth as the product

Need a process liner for casting your artificial-leather films? Our technical engineers designed a special casting liner to do three things:

  1. endure high temperatures (up to 210°C during cross-linking)
  2. transfer the liner’s morphology to your film
  3. release right.

Whether it’s PU or PVC film for automotive seating and trim, or aerospace and nautical products, or breathable, protective clothing and medical materials, Mondi’s casting liner lets you process your products just how you require.

After the production process, the liner can be rewound and reused for further production cycles, improving your overall cost efficiency.


  • Excellent visual and tactile properties
  • A chromium-free system
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • A range of surface finishes
  • Controlled release properties
  • Well-defined surface structure
  • Suitable for most PU (aliphatic, aromatic) and PVC casts
  • Market-leading, global experience in the release liner business
  • Mathis laboratory coating equipment for adapting to your requirements quickly and reliably


Product Liner Gloss 60°/85° Grammage
Mondi Supermatt ~4/~8 ~140 gsm
Mondi Semimatt ~6/~10 ~140 gsm

Laboratory equipment: Mathis coater