Ever changing - the status quo of sustainability through paper.

EverLiner is our complete set of sustainable paper-based release liners. The base papers are made of renewable and recycled fibres, thus offering a lower carbon footprint without compromising the performance properties of our release liners. Available for graphic arts, labels, envelopes, tapes (1-sided), and industrial applications.

  • No change of silicone system needed
  • Various product combinations available


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EverLiner range

  • EverLiner grass for envelope
    • Sustainability benefit: Base paper is made with up to 10% of grass
    • Grammage: 45-55 gsm
  • EverLiner labelite 47 for labels

    One of our lightest release liners for labels - same thickness as the standard 58 gsm glassine but with a reduced weight of 47 gsm so it allows more stock per reel for optimised transportation.

    • Sustainability benefit: Base paper is reengineered up to 19%, and a CO2 footprint reduction of 50%
    • Grammages: 41, 45, 47, 55 gsm
  • EverLiner M R for labels and industrial

    Using recycled material brings release liner one step closer to circularity. The base paper of this  release liner is made with up to 70% recycled fibres.

    • Sustainability benefit: Base paper is made with up to 70% recycled fibres
    • Grammage: 70 gsm
  • EverLiner G R for labels
    • Sustainability benefit: Base paper is made with 10% recycled fibres from yellow and white release liner waste
    • Grammage: 48,55 gsm
  • EverLiner G M C S for all release liner applications
    • Sustainability benefit: Base papers are sustainably sourced (FSC/PEFC certified)
    • Grammage: 50-140 gsm
  • EverLiner G O for industrial, and medical
    • Sustainability benefit: Base paper is downguaged up to 40%
    • Grammage: 35 gsm

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