Adding a structure to our liners creates an air egress functionality that improves product performance because no bubbles and less wrinkles occur when the face material is applied.

This product feature improves both time and cost efficiency by accelerating the application of the vinyl. We offer structured liners for both CCK (clay-coated) and PCK (poly-coated) base materials.

Features of structured PCK

  • Micro-perforation can be applied to the back side of the PCK liner to avoid blistering during the adhesive coating process.

Features of structured CCK

  • Compared to plain liners, the structured CCK liners show higher heat resistance than PCK, which allows higher converting speeds during production.


  • Release values can be adjusted according to customers' requirements
  • Creation of contrast by application of tinted silicone
  • Customised remoisturising settings
  • Logo printing (even for smaller order sizes)


Typical segments we serve:

Structured CCK (clay-coated kraft paper) liners:

  • Plotter film applications
  • Overlaminating films

Structured PCK (poly-coated kraft paper) liners:

  • High-quality and superior end-uses
  • Car wrapping applications