A global producer of sustainable release liners

Mondi has the technical capability and experience to produce release liners that are sustainable and high on performance.

Protecting what sticks.. and the planet

Release liners protects the part that sticks, but are thrown after they've served their purpose. Our goal is to reduce that waste and make release liner products even more sustainable.

Because at Mondi, we take our responsibility towards our customers, and the planet - seriously

A reliable partner

  • Key benefits
    • Wide range of sustainable release liner options
    • Helps our customers meet and market their sustainability goals
    • Liners made with responsibly-source materials, such as PEFC/FSC certified paper
  • Sustainability

    Our customers are asking for sustainable solutions, and in order to serve their needs, we are taking the lead globally in sustainability. Through our integrated set up and diverse technologies we have for paper and film-based solutions, we are uniquely suited to make Mondi's philosophy, paper where possible, plastic when useful, a reality.

    Collaboration and partnership is fundamental to our approach and how we create change, so we are actively engaging in sustainable initiatives:

  • Features

    Our range of sustainable release liners include product options that:

    • require no change of silicone system needed
    • waterbased logo print under PE for individual branding
    • print on both sides of silicone
    • various product product combinations
  • Applications
    • Labels
    • Tapes
    • Envelopes
    • Graphic arts
    • Industrial applications

Choose your release liner


The world's first range of sustainable polycoated kraft paper (PCK) release liners.


Paper-based release liners made with renewable or recycled fibres.


Film-based release liners made with up to 100% recycled polymers from industrial or consumer waste.