Consumer Flexibles R&D Centre

Developing innovative flexible film solutions with state-of-the art equipment

In Consumer Flexibles R&D experienced R&D experts develop innovative flexible film solutions for packaging, personal care components and extrusion applications with state-of-the-art equipment in analytics and pilot plant, taking into account the latest developments in raw materials as well as in processing and conversion technologies.

Our modern analytical facilities perform detailed and complex product and material analyses with the latest equipment. In collaboration with our customers we also develop tailor-made test methods to suit individual needs.

On our sophisticated pilot lines we are able to represent all commercial processes on a small scale, supporting thus fast development cycles with the highest possible predictability regarding material properties. Individual raw material recipes are fast and effieciently converted into complex product samples, new production processes are developed and existing ones modified.

Mondi Consumer Flexibles R & D
Oliver Sperber
Chief Innovation Officer
Jobkesweg 11
48599 Gronau
Tel: +49 2562 919 0