Mondi’s PM7 has a favourable environmental impact


PM7 will have a positive environmental impact in many respects.

The greatest benefits lie in the integration of pulp to paper without the intermediate steps of drying and transporting the pulp. Integrating Mondi’s pulp-to-PM7 products avoids the consumption of energy and the associated air and water emissions.

Sustainability lies at the very heart of PM7, as reflected in an integrated management system for the production facility, certified by the reputable independent third party Bureau Veritas.

The project will save

  • More than 250 tonnes of air emissions a year (NOx, SOx, dust and other constituents)
    as well as
  • 2 million cubic metres of fresh water, and the subsequent treatment of 250 tonnes of organic water pollutants.

The project will help to reduce

  • CO2 emissions, including those attributable to transportation, by around 16,000 tonnes and
  • Shipping mileage by more than 0.5 million km a year.


PM7’s environmental credentials

  • The plant's environmental credentials are underscored by pulp production and bleaching in an elemental chlorine free (ECF) process, utilising PEFC-certified wood.
  • Chemicals used in producing the paper will be non-toxic and comply with all current EU regulations.
  • All waste products created during paper production will be internally recycled.
  • Moreover, all waste water output is to be treated in the local waste water treatment plant.


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