Fibres designed for Polymer composits

Our FIBROMER® Fibres are specific modified cellulose fibres, designed for the usage in Polymer composites. They are suitable to be combined with Polyolefine‘s (PE, PP), selected Polyamides (PA), Biopolymers or recycling material. 

FIBROMER® Fibres are an alternative to Talcum as filler material or short glass fibres as reinforcment.

Enhance mechanical properties of polymer composites:

  • Stiffness
  • Increased heat distortion temperature
  • Improved low temperature properties

Using FIBROMER® Fibres offers a potential of weight reduction of injection moulded parts due to its lower density of the filler compared to talcum or glass fibres.

FIBROMER® Fibres are making „plastics“ more sustainable:

  • Certified and renewable fibre source


… through the value chain

  • Constant quality and year-round availability of fibres
  • Sustainable sourced renewable raw material
  • Lower energy consumption during converting process (injection moulding)
  • Lightweight solution
  • Higher strength of composite material
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved acoustic properties


  • Automotive:
    FIBROMER® Fibres are suitable for composite materials used in the automotive segment for interior, exterior, under the hood applications or boot parts.
  • Home and personal care:
    FIBROMER® Fibres can be used as reinforcment for composite materials applied  in domestic appliances or „toys“.

  • Shipping and transport:
    FIBROMER® Fibres can be used in composite materials manufacturing packagaing solutions such as pallets, trays or small load carriers.