Go2Sack - Calculate and design your sack

The innovative new Mondi mobile app is a market first for the paper and sack kraft industry. Go2Sack helps you to design sacks for your specific application using the appropriate sack kraft paper.

It gives you easy access to product-related information, technical data and the most appropriate paper for various filling conditions. Find the best paper grade for your individual sack and minimize the time you need to place an order.

The app offers you five functions for your configuration:

  • Sack Design
  • Paper Consumption
  • Reel Weight
  • Sack Volume
  • Technical Data Sheets

These functions allow you to configure a sack, select the sack size and filling material, find out about optimal sack construction, and calculate the potential material savings. In addition, you can calculate paper consumption, reel weight and sack volume.

Download Go2Sack now – free of charge – and use Mondi’s sack kraft paper in the most cost-efficient way.