Market Bleached Kraft Pulp

We produce market bleached kraft pulp for a wide variety of end uses. Our goal is to manufacture environmentally friendly products using renewable resources to the highest quality level. Our pulp is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, meeting the highest standards in all areas.

BOHEMIA is the brand name of the high quality bleached long fibre sulphate pulp made in our Štětí mill in the Czech Republic. The raw material originates entirely from European conifers, such as spruce and pine, to yield clean, uniform market pulps with great strength and excellent mechanical and chemical purity. BOHEMIA pulp is suitable for the manufacture of packaging papers for foodstuffs.

KOMICELL is the brand name of premium reinforcement grade bleached long fibre sulphate pulp, which is made from a mixture of northern pine and spruce tempered by the cold climate in Russia’s Komi region. KOMICELL is FSC and PEFC certified, and approved by ISEGA for food industry applications.

Benefits of our market pulp

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Elemental chlorine free quality
  • Full range of bleached and unbleached grades
  • Multiple applications
  • Excellent reinforcement properties
  • Very high degree of cleanliness
  • Superior organoleptic characteristics and porosity
  • High brightness

End uses 

  • Printing and writing
  • Lightweight coated and supercalendered papers
  • Woodfree grades – base kraft papers for packaging and coating
  • Tissue and other products requiring high reinforcement
  • Food industry