Puncture resistance papers

Packaging materials are subject to puncture hazards at the time of filling, handling and transit. Especially sharp- edged products such as screws, rice, pasta, almonds, etc. can cause puncture from the inside when moved or shaken. If punctures occur, the contents are exposed to external factors such as air, moisture, bacteria, pressure and friction. This can impair the quality of the packed goods.

So far, a good puncture resistance was mainly associated with plastics and thicker cardboards, but not anymore! With current trends in end consumer behaviour, growing eCommerce and current legislations in mind, the future of packaging will be even more intrinsically linked to paper.

Best in class

By offering paper grades with high puncture resistance, we are changing the landscape and are responding to the current trends, customer needs and the diverse requirements of modern packaging in terms of filling, transport, storage, appearance and sustainability. As a result of our continuous R&D efforts, we currently have several paper grades with the highest puncture resistance values in our portfolio. All of them work for food and non-food applications and are made entirely from fresh fibre. Tests performed by the University of Tampere in Finland showed that Mondi’s grades outperformed other market solutions in terms of puncture resistance.

Our paper grades stick out – your sharp-edged goods will not!


  • Outstanding results in puncture resistance for reliable product protection during filling, handling and transit
  • Outstanding base papers for coating and for various other packaging applications
  • For food and non-food applications
  • 100% fresh fibre, availability of white and brown grades
  • Material savings due to low-grammage puncture-resistant grade
  • Depending on the paper grade the substance range is between 50 and 130 gsm
  • Certified papers available


  • Protective bags: e.g. mailing bags and shopping bags
  • Flexible packaging: e.g coated base papers
  • Form-fill-seal: food and non-food applications
  • Wrapping Papers

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