Advantage eCom Kraft - the strong elephant

Advantage eCom Kraft is one of our strong, tear-resistant brown papers for the eCommerce industry. Made by 100% fresh fibre it can be used in different applications for many products. 

  • End Uses:

    mailer bags, eCommerce FFS, eGrocery bags

  • Benefits:

  • Natural alternative for plastic tape

  • 100% fresh fibre

  • High strength

  • High density for optimal coating

  • Excellent runnability on coating lines

Technical Data Sheet

If you would like to know more about the technical values of the paper, you can download the Technical Data Sheet:

Advantage eCom Kraft

Advantage eCom Kraft (Wet Strength)

Advantage eCom Kraft and Advantage eCom Kraft WS are both ISEGA certified.

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