A single sheet of paper can lift a locomotive? Yes, it can!

Advantage MF SpringPack Plus is the strongest paper in the world, as proven by a Guinness World Record (2001, Swedish Edition). The strength of this brown MF grade has been demonstrated by lifting a 4.2-tonne container on a single sheet. And in 2003 we unofficially broke our own record by parking and lifting a 9.8-tonne locomotive on a single sheet.

If you are looking for an extra strong paper, then you are on the right page. 

A strong choice for you

Advantage SpringPack Plus and our wrapping papers are the strongest choice for you - literally! They are used in a huge variety of industries, ranging from retailing to steel products. High stiffness makes them ideal for high-speed converting machines. The paper is mainly used in spring pack mattresses packing, as its name suggests. However, due to its excellent strength, the paper could open the door to new uses and applications and give you numerous possibilities when you need strength and renewable materials in one solution. 

Typical end use:

  • Wrapping of spring pack mattresses

  roll packing

Latest innovative use:

  • Bundling PET multipacks, replacing plastic shrink wrap. Plastic free, printable paper sleeve. 


  • 100% softwood virgin kraft fibre
  • World-class strength
  • High stretch
  • Recyclable in paper streams

For the spring pack mattresses:

  • Different packing widths
  • Perfect vertical compression of the innerspring units
  • No product limitation – pocket spring, Bonnell spring & foam units
  • Efficient and cost-saving packing process and delivery

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