Paper pallet wrapping is a thing now!

Mondi’s new kraft paper Advantage StretchWrap is here and it is an alternative to the plastic stretch film used for wrapping and transporting pallets. The innovation is the result of 20 years of expertise and know-how on wrapping papers.

The new way of pallet wrapping that enables the switch to renewable and easily recyclable materials for pallet wrapping.

You have the solution to circularity "wrapped" around your finger. Advantage StretchWrap is a circular-driven solution, that can support you reaching your sustainability goals and targets, that we know some times are not easy to achieve.

If you would like to know more about the results of our Life Cycle Assessment of Advantage StretchWrap, you can watch our recent webinar, download our info package or read our latest news.


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That's a wrap! Ready to take action?

Mondi’s new lightweight paper grade, Advantage StretchWrap, can stretch and resist puncture when used for wrapping pallets in order to protect goods during transport. Currently a multi-layer difficult-to-recycle plastic film is used for pallet wrapping, which makes the choice of switching to a responsibly sourced renewable material the new market standard.

The paper has an outstanding stretch and high-tensile strength, even in the low grammage of 70 gsm, making it a reliable lightweight wrapping solution for products transported on pallets. It has been tested and passed the compression holding force test according to EUMOS standard, which means that the pallets can be safely transported.

Sustainability spotlight -
LCA materials

We have commissioned an independent life cycle assessment (LCA) comparing our Advantage StretchWrap paper to conventional plastic stretch film. The ISO-based approach shows that the new paper pallet packaging performs better in several environmental impact categories including climate change.

Would you like to know more about Advantage StretchWrap and its environmental impact? Are you wondering how is our paper performing compared to plastic stretch film? If the answer is yes, then you have two options:


  • Watch our recent webinar session where our experts shared their knowldedge on the LCA results.
    • Register in the Sustainable Packaging Summit platform organised by Packaging Europe magazine
    • After your registration is complete, you can access our webinar HERE

LCA info package:

  • If you would like to have a quick glance on the results, you can download our info package with the executive summary of the study and an infographic. 

Download our LCA info package

Not just a paper

Advantage StretchWrap is made with Nordic fibres - famous for their strength and quality - that are sustainably sourced and from renewable sources to ensure that the material supply is truly renewable. The paper is made with 100% fresh fibres and it can be recycled at the end of its life almost everywhere around the world, since the paper recycling process is a quite common recycling method and anyone knows where to dispose paper packaging for recycling. In Europe the recycling average rate of paper and cardboard is 82,3% according to Eurostat.

Numerous benefits:

  • Recyclable lightweight paper
  • 100% fresh fibre
  • No coating on paper
  • Circular driven solution of high recycling value
  • Resists breaking due to its high puncture resistance
  • Exceptional tensile energy absorption (TEA)
  • Tested for safe transport (according to EUMOS standard)
  • High quality and responsibly sourced Nordic fibres


  • For wrapping homogeneous filled pallets with flat sides and no sharp corners. For example, pallets packed with:
    • PET water bottle multipacks
    • PET soda bottle multipacks
    • baby food jars
    • food jars
    • boxed goods
    • empty loose paper bags or packed in boxes
  • For pallets with height up to 250cm and weight 2000 kg (values for ACMI's Rocket- E-500)

Paper wrapping system that works!

To be able to bring the paper wrapping solution to market and make it a reality for our customers, we have partnered with ACMI, the italian machine producer that offers bottling and packaging solutions, to develop a highly performing wrapping machine for our paper.

You can see the video below of how ACMI's machine Rocket E-500 is wrapping a pallet of water bottles with Advantage StretchWrap

This innovative wrapping system we offer together with ACMI - Advantage StretchWrap & Rocket E-500 - is a game changer for those who want to switch to recyclable and renewable materials while transporting their products from point A to point B. This technology offers a renewable alternative to tertiary packaging and reduces the reliance on plastic. The machine due to its SCARA robotic technology designed by ACMI, replaces the existing film wrappers in the market without any issue, which is a concern of plant and operation managers.