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If you are interested in circular economy and paper, then you are in the right page. Keep reading!

Our EcoVantage paper grades combine recycled and fresh fibres in order to ensure the best printability and strength for various of applications. Ideal for food (ISEGA certified) and non-food applications. 

Our EcoVantage production can offer also closed loop possibilities for retailers by utilising their paper waste that can then be recycled in our paper mill and turn into EcoVantage, which can be converted to shopping bags.

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EcoVantage Kraft Classic

EcoVantage Kraft Classic is a recycled paper with good strength and excellent printability.

EcoVantage Kraft Pro

EcoVantage Kraft Pro is a soft calendered paper with excellent formation, high strength and excellent printability.

EcoVantage Light Fashion

The soft calendered paper EcoVantage Light Fashion offers a natural image to your shopper bags for excellent consumer appeal.